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Golfers International Eclectic




The competition is a multi-round golf tournament using the White Course only that results in one 9 hole score per player. From the scorecards for each round  the lowest score is selected for each hole. That then becomes the eclectic score. Everyone who plays on Mondays and Wednesdays are included, the only criteria is that players have to score on all 9 holes (it does not have to be in same round).

The Competition is split in to two catergories - Gross Score (the fewest strokes taken on a hole) and Nett Score (the number of strokes taken less the handicap of the player).

Ivan Nett Eclectic Winner.jpg
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Winners 2022

Marianne Nett 2022.jpg
Richard Gross 2022.jpg
Louise Winner Gross 2021.jpg
Pepe D Nett 2021.jpg
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Winners 2021

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Winners 2020

Gents Gross Winner.jpg
Gents Nett Winner.jpg
Ladies Gross.jpg
Ladies Nett Winner.jpg
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Winners 2019

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