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Monday 5 September 2016


One of the hottest days of the year greeted the 17 players for the first Monday golf since the summer break and the heat certainly played its part with the golfers and the scores. Only 5 people managed 30 or more points, best of which were Robbie MacMillan 32 points, Brian Downey and Steve Bradbury 33 points each. Brian being declared in first place on count back.

Following golf everyone was pleased to be able to relax in the relative cool at Algarbe where they enjoyed the usual excellent tapas and drinks.

Unfortunately during this time we heard the sad news of "the passing" of Lars Petterson who is very fondly remembered by all of us who knew him and our thoughts turned to Mari Anne.

The presentation then took place where Drew McDowell with a shot to 2m 48 cm was awarded the prize for nearest the pin.

For the main competition Maria Galliart joined Robbie for 3rd place, Brian and Lennart Olleson were 2nd and Jeff (guest) joined Steve in first place.


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