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Monday 17 October 2016


A warm sunny day greeted the 36 golfers who played twice around the Classic course. Conditions certainly appear to be returning back to normal with 15 of the group managing to score 30 points or more and 3 in particular scoring better than their handicaps and will receive a handicap reduction.

Steve Bradbury 37 points, Michael Moran and Jörgen Alm 39 points with Jörgen having the better back 9 being declared in first place.

Tapas and drinks were once again enjoyed at Algarbe, where the prize presentation took place.

Nearest pin was claimed by Rolf Jönegård for a shot to 2m 70cm

For the main prizes, following the surprise draw, Kjell Adolfsson joined Steve for third prize, Jörgen and Baz Prior second prize with first being received by Michael and Thomas Bengtsson

Next week first tee time is 11.28am twice round the Classic.


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