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Wednesday 23 November 2016


We were very lucky to enjoy a day without rain, especiaally after the thunderstorms the night before. The weather has really changed over the past days and hopefully we will have our normal sunny and warm weather back soon.

We were 42 players taking part, 25 caballeros and 17 señoras. Wonderful!!

The best results for the ladies were Ritva 32p, Kristina T and Mimi 31p, Jacqui and Rita 30p, Kristina O 28p, Uli 26 p and Issy 25p.

Money-back-guarantee: Marianne (for the first time ever!!)

The best Caballeros were Lennart 36p, David and Stefen 34p, Sune 33p, Steve 32p, Olli and Eduardo 31 p.

Money-back-guarantee: Dan

A special thank you to David Holden for inviting us all to a very nice wine, keeping his promise to do so when he finally beat Sune

Thank you all for a very nice golfing day!

Marianne and Sune


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