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Wednesday 30 November 2016


It was a very windy Wednesday (10 m/sec) but luckily quite warm and no rain... We were 35 players in the storm, 15 ladies and 20 gentlemen. As usual we spent a pleasant time in the club house afterwards.

The best players were:


Joan 33p, Anne R 32p, Ritva 31p, Roisin 30p, Mary 29p, Jacqui 26p, Marianne 27p.

Money-back-guarantee: Uli (for the first time ever!!!)


Dan 34p, Mel 33p, Mimmo 32, Steve 31p, Olli and Heinz 30p.

Money-back-guarantee: Arild

Next week, December 7, we will play the Master Course again. The first tee time is 11.22 and you are all very welcome.


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