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Wednesday 18 January 2017


Winter arrived in Almerimar this morning and we had 8 degrees and heavy winds, 7 m/sec. Luckily only 2 couples did not want to participate, so we were 29 players in total.

The ladies agreed to play only 9 holes but, the gentlemen played all 18 holes.... Well done!


1. Uli 18p

2. Fiona 18 p

3. Marianne 17 p

4. Traute 13 p

Money-back-guarantee: Michelle


1. Adrian 41p

2. Jim S 35p

3. John G 33p

4. John A 31p

5. Ivan 30p

Money-back-guarantee: Wilhelm


For Wednesday January 25 we have tee times from 11.38 on the Master Course. The list is up in the clubhouse and you are all very welcome!!



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