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Thursday 2 February 2017


We had a windy and cloudy day today and the sun lasted a few hours until it finally warmed us a bit towards the end of the round. We were 15 ladies and 22 gentlemen enjoying drinks and tapas in the club house.


Uli 36p, Agneta 36p, Maria H 31p, Inger 30p, Sylvia 30p, Traute 29p, Rosemary 29p.

Money-back-guarantee to Soli.


Göran 38p, Frank 36p, Stefan 36p, Idris 36p, Fernando 34p, John Williams 33p.

Money-back-guarantee to Mike Milddleton.

We had 2 ladies today having birdies, so Inger got a yellow duck for hers on the 12th and Agneta got a lovely parrot for hers on the 17th! Congratulations ladies!!

We will play next week on THURSDAY 9 February at 11.22 on the Masters and the inscription list will be on the notice board on Friday.

Thank you all for a very nice golfing day and hope to see you all again on Thursday when there will be sunshine and no wind....



Marianne and Sune


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