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Los Amigos - Special Event

StartFragmentOn Wednesday 8 February 2017 we had a competition between 12 British and 12 Swedish golfers, an annual event that the Swedish team have won for the last 3 years.

Let me first apologies to those who were not invited to play. The numbers are governed by how many players are available at the time of organisation. This year the GB side could only muster 10 players so only 10 Swedish players were required. At the last moment I managed to acquire the services of two more Brits, John Williams and Louise (THANK YOU BOTH) and another tee time which allowed Agneta and Kjell to take part.

We played greensomes medal. We count each teams total number of shots over the 18 holes minus their combined handicaps (LOWER handicap x 0.6 plus, HIGHER handicap x 0.4). CONGU rules.

The scores were as follows Sweden 617 shots minus 155 hcp = 462 GBritain 584 shots minus 140 hcp = 444

So Team GB reclaim the trophy.

We had a great days golf lots of sunshine and no wind. .

The presentation took place in The Cafe Noray and the owners were brilliant serving up mixed salads, tomato salads and shared pizzas with plenty of beer and wine.

A special THANK YOU to them and a big THANK YOU to all who took part.

Albert & Lennart EndFragment

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