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Wednesday 15 February 2017


It was a very windy day in Almerimar today. Luckily the sun was shining and it was quite warm. We were 29 players and here are the best results:


Louise 34p, Kristina O 32p, Agneta 28p, Marilena 28p and Uschi 27p.

Money-back-guarantee: Cristina C and a lovely birdie to Louise on hole 8.


Fernando 35p, Mel 32p, Sune 31p, Paul 31p and Jim 31p

Money-back-guarantee: Mike Gray

We have problems getting tee times for next week and we will probably play on Thursday. The list will be up in the club house when we know the tee times and we will also inform you on this web site.

Marianne and Sune


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