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Sunday 19 February 2017


The weekend started off with a few (12) people having a practice round at Desert Springs on the way to Valle del Este, which they thoroughly enjoyed and managed to arrive in time to join the main group for dinner, following which a draw took place for Sunday's competition.

Low handicap men were drawn with high handicap ladies and lower ladies with higher men.

Sunday then saw a betterball pairs competition.

Unfortunately, it was very windy and cold, nevertheless everyone managed to survive and there were some very good scores (see results section)

Once golf had finished everyone convened in "Karen's Sportsbar" where the presentation of prizes were awarded to the best 3 couples who were Michelle O'Keefe and Bobby Cuddy 43 points, Lilian Jönegård and Stefan Hokfelt 42 points and Marianne Liljedahl and Jan Sjöstrom 41 points.


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