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Thursday 9 March 2017

Thursday Golf March 9 was a very different competition. We were 41 players and due to very late tee times and very slow play (groups in front of ours....) our last groups played in total darkness and still the results very fantastic!! Antonio in the bar managed to give us all drinks long after opening hours (he was rewarded with a generous tip from everybody. Thank you).

Here are the best results:


1. Anne 35p, Yvonne and Judy 34p, Marianne and Michelle 33p, Ingrid 32p.



1. Sune and Antonio 40p, Paul 39p, Mel and Wilhelm 38p, Michael M and Bobby 37p, David O 36p.

Money-back-guarantee: Klaus

Next week it is Wednesday Golf again and we start on tee 10 from 9:00 and then Classic Course and you are all very welcome.

Marianne and Sune


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