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Wednesday 22 March 2017

Another WINDY day in paradise and the temperature went down quite a bit the last hour, but we all managed to play in daylight and Antonio in the golf bar also managed to get us all drinks on overtime. Thanks for that Antonio!!

Here are the best results:


Marianne L 35p, Inger 33p, Uli 30p, Jacqui 27p, Susie 25p.

Money-back-guarantee: Marie-Anne P


Jan Sjö 35p, Paul M 34p, Eduardo 33p, Sune, Richard, Heinz all 31p.

Money-back-guarantee: Drew

Next week we will again play the Master Course at 14.00 but we have one hour more daylight then and Antonio in the bar will make sure we all have a great time at the prize-giving.

You are all very welcome!!


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