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Monday 10 April 2017

Another windy day!!! But fortunately it was also very sunny and warm for the 34 players who tested the new proposed layouts of 3 nine hole courses, white, red and blue, designed to help with the volume of people during the busy golfing period.

All seemed to work pretty well although there were comments from people who "walked" that to and fro from Masters 1 to Masters 3 was a bit of a pain!!!!

Nevertheless there were some pretty good scores with half of the group returning 30 or more points. Best of the day and guaranteed a prize were Alan Sharpe and Heather Jamieson 35 points, Doug Kemp 36 points, Ritva Mäntylä 37 points and Jim Connelly an excellent 39 points.

Drinks and Tapas were enjoyed in Algarbe following which Elaine MacMillan was awarded the prize for nearest the pin with a shot to 4m.93cm on 17th hole.

In the main competition and following the surprise draw Stefan Hokfelt was paired with Heather for 5th prize, 4th prize was awarded to Doug and Lee Goulder, Alan and Michelle O'Keefe received 3rd prize whilst Drew McDowell and Jim Connelly claimed 2nd with 1st prize going to Ritva and Rolf Jönegård.

Next week first tee time is 10.56 on Masters 3 (Classic) followed by Masters 1.


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