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Monday 24 April 2017

It was a warm CALM day for the 27 golfers playing Masters 3 followed by Masters 1. Scoring was pretty good with over half the players returning 30 points or better.

Best of the day were Ingrid Hokfelt, Steve Bradbury and Larry Rowe 35 points, Larry received a prize for a better back 9, Rosemary Moody 36 points, Marianne Liljedahl 38 points and Doug Kemp with a great 39 points.

Once again we were able to have drinks and tapas outside at Algarbe, where David Holden was awarded the nearest pin prize for a shot to 2m 32cm on Masters 3,8th hole.

Following the surprise draw Helena joined Doug for 4th prize, Lee Goulder and Marianne received 3rd prize, 2nd prize was awarded to Larry and Chris Perkins, leaving Rosemary and Joan Edgington to collect 1st prize.

Next week we will be on MASTERS, commencing at 10.42.


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