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Monday 15 May 2017

It was another windy but warm day for the 27 players, competing in the end of season joint Monday and Wednesday, Ladies and Gents competition.

Despite the wind 10 players managed to score 30 or more points. For the ladies best of the day were Leigh Burrows 32 points, Marilena 34 points and Marianne Liljedahl 37 points. For the men Sune Jonnson 33 points, Mel Moody 36 points and Pepe Diaz 37 points.

Everyone enjoyed drinks and tapas in Algarbe following which the prize presentation took place.

Nearest the pin for the ladies was won by Marilena with a shot to 7m.29cm and for the men, Brian Downey had a shot to 6m.85cm

Following the surprise draw Chris Perkins joined Marilena for 3rd prize, Marion van Dorgan Toman joined Leigh for 2nd and Mimi Piest and Marianne claimed 1st prize.

For the mens competition Herman van Lisverschoof joined Sune for 3rd prize, Mel and Mick Clark received 2nd and first prize was awarded to Pepe and Doug Kemp

A big thanks goes to Puri for presenting all the ladies with a lovely pot plant.

Whilst we now say farewell to Marianne and Sune and wish them a very enjoyable summer and look forward to Wednesday golf returning in October. Monday golf will continue throughout the summer sobeit in a slightly different format, details will be announced shortly.

Tee time next week 10.34


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