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Saturday 17 June 2017

14 players turned up today in sweltering heat to play 'strings'. What a lot of fun we had! Each player was given 2 metres of string that they could use to improve the lie of the ball, without penalty, either from under a bush, in the rough, out of a bunker or on the green. The string could not be used if the ball was in the water, up a palm tree or out of bounds. If the

string was used, that measurement had to be cut off and discarded, thus reducing the piece of string. After 18 holes, we had our presentation in the Spicy Indian Curry House and the results were very interesting. Everyone was asked to keep their remaining piece of string in case there was a draw. Three people had the top score of 45 points, but Sylvia won the day with the longest piece of unused string. Nina came 2nd, Lennart was 3rd, because he lost his piece string. 4th place with 44 points, was

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