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Monday 2 October 2017

The first Monday of the new golfing season saw 32 players competing on Masters 1 and 2.

It was a warm but breezy day and overall scoring was a little disappointing with only 10 people managing 30 or more points. Dan Grönskog, Alan Sharpe and Larry Rowe all returned 34 points (Larry missing out on a prize based on back 9 rule), Trinidad Fernandez had the 3rd best score of 35 points, with Lennart Olsson and Rudolf Galliart both scoring 37 points (Lennart had better back 9).

Presentation of prizes took place in Algarbe, where Trinidad received Nearest Pin prize for ladies 4m 40cm and Hans Ooft was awarded the mens prize a shot to 1m 35cm.

Following the surprise draw Rosemay Moody joined Alan for 5th prize, Rudolf and Stefan Hokfelt received 4th prize, Ann Nolan joined Lennart for 3rd, 2nd were Dan and Steve Bradbury, with Trinidad and Larry Rowe being awarded 1st prize.

Next week we will play on Tuesday at 12.30.


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