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Tuesday 10 October 2017

For various reasons, Monday golf was on Tuesday this week. Nevertheless 31 people competed on the new combination of white and red courses. The sun shone and there was a nice cooling breeze. 12 people managed to score 30 or more points, with the best of the day being returned by Peter Watts 34 points, Andy Jamieson and Michelle O'Keeffe 35 points, Steve Bradbury 36 points and a handicap cut for Robbie McMillan for a great 38 points.

Drinks and tapas were enjoyed at Algarbe following which Rosemary Moody received the ladies nearest pin prize, for a shot to just over 11m and men's prize was awarded to Rudolf Galliart for a shot to 6m 45cm

There was a surprise draw which paired Rolf Jönegrd with Michelle for first prize, second was received by Peter and Mick Clarke, third by Andy and Mel Moody, fourth Robbie and Maria Bengtsson and fifth prize was awarded to Steve and Maria Hoovers.

Next week Monday 16th first tee time will be 12.50.


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