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Monday 23 October 2017

44 players enjoyed the warm sunshine on the Red & Blue courses and despite the freshening wind there were some good scores returned. Almost half of the competitors scored 30 or more points,

Best scores of the day and guaranteed a prize were, Mimi Piest and Ingrid Oberg 34 points, Jan Sjöstrom, Rosemary Moody, Frank Rechless and Kjell Adolfsson 36 points and a great 39 points from Steve Bradbury.

Following golf everyone enjoyed excellent tapas and drinks at Los Sabores where Kjell received the nearest pin prize for a shot to 3m 78cm.

In the main competition,following the surprise draw, 7th prize was received by Mimi and Jim Connelly, 6th Rosemary and Lee Goulder, 5th Frank and Dot Prior, 4th Ingrid and Brian Downey,3rd Steve and Anne Rosenvinge, 2nd Jan and Thomas Bengtsson and first prize was awarded to Kjell and Jim Shaw.

Next week the official start time is 12.50 and we will divide into 2 groups and play White & Red and Blue & White.


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