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Wednesday 8 November 2017

Another lovely day on the golf course and you can notice a small drop in temperature, but there is still sun shine and just a small breeze. We were 39 players enjoying it.

The best players were:

Sandra 39p, Trini 38p, Uli 36p, Inger 34p, Vicky 34p and Mimi 33p. The money-back-guarantee went to Uschi.

Steve 38p, Pepe 35p, Kjell 35p, Christoph 34p, Thomas 35p, Olli 33 and Hans F 33p. The money-back-guarantee went to Paul T.

Tapas and drinks in the Clubhouse as usual. We have tee times for next week about the same time on two tees and as it is getting darker every week now it is very important to play as quickly as possible.

The list is up for next week and you are all very welcome!!

Marianne and Sune

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