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Monday 18 December 2017

What a wonderful golfing day!! An early, 09.26 start, meant a chilly start, but it soon warmed up making the last Monday golf of 2017 a memorable one.

Scores also reflected the conditions and the improving state of the course with half the players returning 30 or more points.

Marianne Liljedahl and Derek Kemp both scored 35 points, but not in prizes. Sylvia Green and Sune Jnsson 36 points (Sune having better back 9 for a prize).

Once again the consistent Gracey's were to the for,Adrian 37 points and Father John 41 points.

Most enjoyable drinks and tapas were taken in Los Sabores where Sylvia received nearest pin prize for a shot to just over 2 metres.

Following the surprise draw, Doug Kemp joined John for third prize, Sune was joined by Paul Miles (third week in a row) for second prize, leaving Adrian and Nina Taylor to collect first prize.

Next Monday golf will be January 8 2018.


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