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Saturday 10 March 2018

Saturday we were 6 teams and we played a 1, 2, 3 waltz. The weather was very nice although the wind did get quite strong towards the end of the round.

The winning team with 83 points were Adrian, John G, Yvonne and Doris. In second place with 82 points were Robbie, Mike, Frank and Avril. In third place with 79 points were Steve, Michelle, Herman and Doris. In fourth place also with 79 points were John Wi, Rudolph, Thomas and Maria. In fifth place with 77 points were John Fl, Mel, Ingrid and Doris. In sixth place with 67 points were Louise, Paul, Jim s and Stefan.

Prizes were a selection of spirits and a box of chocolates. We enjoyed drinks and tapas in Los Sabores.

Next week Nina is the organiser.

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