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Wednesday 14 March 2018

We were 41 players playing the blue and white courses in typical March weather with strong winds. The results were quite impressive considering the stormy winds. Below please find the best scores:


Yvonne 37p, Michelle and Maria H 36p, Mimi 35p, Uli and Uschi 34p.

Money-Back-Guarantee: Marianne (for the first time.... Thank you Rudolph for pulling my card!)


Pepe 40p, John Fl 37p, Jan S 35p, Derek, Paul M, Herman Li 34p, Sune and Robbie 33p.

Money-Back-Guarantee: Thomas

Next week we will play THURSDAY GOLF March 22, due to the fact that there s big group in the hotel on Wednesday. The list is up in the reception. Drinks and tapas in the club house as usual and you are all very welcome!

Marianne and Sune

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