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The journey to Granada was pretty miserable, rain, rain and more rain!!! With a forecast which promised rain for pretty well all day. Nevertheless everyone in true, English, Irish, Swedish and Spanish spirit pressed on and arrived at Los Gabias (Granada Golf) club in plenty of time for a 10.30 shotgun start. BUT WOULD WE BE PLAYING????

Miraculously the rain started to ease and by 10.30 had all but stopped and the decision was made to play a match play competition. The course was in fine condition, looking lush and green, with putting greens reportedly excellent and true (just like Almerimar).

Everyone managed to complete 18 holes without an umbrella in sight and had a thoroughly enjoyable day.

Drinks and tapas were then enjoyed in the clubhouse where both teams enjoyed a social chat and the inevitable, "oh, I was unlucky with that putt, it just lipped out" and "did you see that putt, it must have been all of 30 yards" (27 meters).

When it came to Presentation time, Gordon French, Golf Nutz answer to the late and great Ken Dodd, welcomed us visitors and presented the "newly minted TIN CUP TROPHY" to himself, Golf Nutz having won the competition 5½ - 4½. The trophy was then officially presented to Gordon and Golf Nutz by Mel.

In response Mel thanked Gordon and in particular Elaine (FOXY) whose original "cunning idea" it was, during a New Years Eve drink, to invite us to play against them in Granada. An invitation was extended for Golf Nutz to join us in Almerimar, at a time to be agreed and where the TIN CUP TROPHY will be handed over!!!

The day was completed at the Hacienda Señorio de Nevada Hotel and Bodega, and although the team did not partake of the official wine tasting, plenty of sampling took place.

NB Please also see report from GOLF NUTZ

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