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Monday 23 April 2018 (Wednesday Golf)

Today we played the last Wednesday Golf on a Monday and we were lucky to play the "old" Master Course for the first time in a year or so. After our competition today the course was closed for two weeks to make the greens better.....

There was a little rain just before we went out and a little more on the 9th hole, but the wind dropped and we had a very nice day on the Master Course. Drinks and tapas as usual in the club house and Joan invited all the ladies to lovely birthday cava, since she will not be here for her birthday in May. We were 30 players and here are the best results:


Trini 41p, Vicky 38p, and Louise, Marilena and Marianne 32p.

Money-back-guarantee: Ingrid (her husband Stefan pulled the card!!)

We also had 5 (!!) birdies: Trini 2 and Kristina, Marilena and Marianne 1 each


Sune 38p, John Wil and Alfonso 36p, Steve and Lennart 35p.

Money-back-guarantee: Rudolph

This was the our last Wednesday Golf for the season and we would like to thank all our players for a great season. We have been 708 players in total this season and we hope that you have all enjoyed the Wednesday Golf and we look forward to seeing you all when we return in the autumn.

Have a wonderful summar!!

Marianne and Sune

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