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Monday 30 April 2018

A bright sunny day and despite the increasing wind later, there were some good scores with 14 of 23 players recording 30 or more points.

Best of the day were Marianne Liljedahl, John Williams and Hans Ooft 35 points, Marianne had better back 9 and qualified for a prize. Vicky Thomas 36 points and a great 40 points from Joan Edgington. Definitely LADIES DAY.

Drinks and tapas were enjoyed in Los Soboras where Trini Fernández received the prize for nearest pin, a shot to 4m 86cm.

Following the surprise draw, Barbara Goulder joined Vicky for third prize, Joan and Louise Shepherd received second prize and the only man in the prizes, Steve Bradbury joined Marianne for first prize.

Next week we play Masters 1 & 2 commencing at 11.14.

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