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Saturday 9 June 2017

The day started with a few drops of rain, followed by sunshine and then the inevitable wind.

This week we had fifteen players in five team of three playing a yellow ball competition with two scores to count and if the yellow ball scored it scored double. The players in their teams had to decide amongst themselves the order of who played the yellow ball and once the sequence was established it had to continue through out the 18 holes.

Some teams strategy worked and others didn't with one team losing the yellow ball on the first hole - so no more worries for them! Another team lost their's on the 8th, two others on the 9th, and the fourth team lost their's on the 13th, so now there was only one team left with the yellow ball which consisted of Pepe, Paul M and Rosemary and they were the eventual winners with 118 points.

Drinks and tapas were enjoyed at Leo's Fish Bar and Grill were the winners were presented with a 15 euro restaurant voucher each and the second place team of Robbie, Trini and Natalaya received a restaurant voucher of 10 euros each.

Next week Nina is the organiser.

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