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Monday 6 August 2018

We certainly expect hot and sunny weather at this time of the year and Monday was no exception.

24 golfers, put on their sun tan lotion and set off to play a somewhat different game.

As it was Rudolph Galliart's 66th birthday, we decided to play split, split 6's. Simply on every 3rd hole the score for the hole was doubled. Naturally this resulted in some pretty big scores, 4th prize went to Chloe Wilson, 49 points, third Paul Miles 52 points (back 9 rule), second 52 points Natalya Korolenko and with a fantastic 55 points Ingrid Furugård Öberg.

Following golf everyone enjoyed birthday celebrations for Rudolf and Mel Moody in Los Sabores and where nearest pin prizes were awarded to Ingrid, a shot to 2m 35cm and Neil James 1m 02cm.

Next week first tee time is 10.02

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