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Saturday 1 September 2018

A sunny but windy (which we were all thankful for) day saw two teams of four playing a Reverse Waltz.

Because over the last few day the greens have been hollow-tyned they were very woolly to say the least and that was reflected in the scoring. Both teams scored 68 and also scored the same on the back nine, so it had to be decided on the back six and thanks to a 'hit and hope' putt for a par for Issy Fielding the team of Hans Ooft, Issy, Rosemary Moody and Herman Liekens were declared the overall winners.

The team of Mel Moody, John Fielding, Natalya Korolenko and Sylvia Green did have a little incident with a buggy. Mel had placed himself in front of the buggy and John unfortunately started to drive off without looking forward resulting in Mel ending up on the floor, fortunately Mel was not badly injured. But as he said later, he knew he was playing badly but thought that running him over was little harsh.

Next week Paul M is the organiser.

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