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Monday 3 September 2018

We were 15 players this week starting on a cloudy, but humid day on the 10th tee. However later in the day, when were on our back nine (Masters 1-9), a breeze arrived bringing with it the sun and slightly cooler conditions.

In fact this week it was all about the back nine!! We had 8 players all on 32 points or more. Rosemary Moody and Rudolph Galliart on 34 points, Rosemary taking 4th place on the back nine rule and then Mick Hoban, John Fielding and Paul Miles all on 35 points and again applying the back nine rule Paul was 3rd, John was 2nd and Mick claimed 1st prize.

Mick also managed to be the only player on the green with a shot of 2m 32cms to claim the nearest the pin.

Next week tee time is 10.00.

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