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Monday 24 September 2018

It was a hot humid day, not ideal for golf, nevertheless there were some pretty good scores among the 16 players competing on the Blue & White courses.

For most it was an opportunity to once again play on the "new Masters 3 excellent greens", but then found it a little difficult to put on Masters 1 greens.

Drinks and tapas were enjoyed in Los Sabores where Richard Öberg received nearest pin prize for a shot to 3m 16cm.

For the main competition prizes were presented to Hans Ooft 30 points (better back 9 than Richard O, also 30 points), Ingrid Öberg Furugård 32 points, Paul Thomas 33 points, Robbie MacMillan 37 points and a tremendous 44 points from Marion van Torman Dongen.

Next week first tee times will be 12/40 on White & Red and Blue & White courses.

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