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Monday 29 October 2018

It was a sunny but wild and windy day and unsurprisingly there were a few withdrawals. Nevertheless 38 brave souls decided to do "battle", most however only completing less than 18 holes, so a 9 hole competition was declared.

Considering the conditions there were some reasonable scores for the 9 holes.

On the White & Red course prize winners were Marianne Liljedahl 23 points, Kjell Adolfsson 18 points, Hilton Collins 18 points, Dot Prior, Natalya Korolenko, Barbara Goulder 17 points (9 hole rule applied)

Blue & White prize winners were Lilian Jönegård 18 points, Rosemary Moody and Roisin Andrew 17 points (9 hole rule applied), Hans Ooft and Vicky Thomas 15 points (9 hole rule applied).

Enjoyable drinks and tapas were taken in Los Sabores.

Next week first tee time is 12.40.

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