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Wednesday 19 December 2018

Lovely sunny day but the wind increased in the afternoon. The men played the Blue & White courses and the ladies White & Red. We were 25 players for the last Wednesday Golf of 2018. Below please find the best results:


Trini 32p, Joan and Kristina O 31 p.

Money-back-guarantee to Marianne (yippie).


Heinz 41p, Adrian and Lennart 36p, Pepe D and Paul M 33p.

Money-back-guarantee: Gary

Drinks and tapas as usual afterwards in the club house. This was the last Wednesday Golf for 2018 and we will start again on January 2 2019 and you are all very welcome!!!

We wish all our Wednesday Golfers and Wonderful Christmas and a Fantastic 2019!!

Marianne and Sune

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