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Monday 14 January 2019

A sad day, as golf followed the farewell service for Marjorie Kemp.

However wonderful golfing conditions helped to cheer people up and certainly the scores reflected this with 21 of the 27 competitors scoring 30 or more points.

Whilst several people scored better than their handicap with 36 and 37 points, 3 people scored 38 points, Adrian Gracey, Marion van Dongen Torman and Jürgen Neuhauser and were guaranteed prizes.

Following drinks and an excellent buffet in Los Sabores prizes were awarded for nearest pins to Bob Lowry and Steve Bradbury.

A surprise draw took place which paired Nina Taylor with Marion for third prize, Louise Shepherd and Adrian received second with Steve Bradbury and Jürgen receiving first.

Next week first tee time is 12.40.

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