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Monday 4 March 2019

Of the 44 players almost half scored 30 or more points, on what was once again a lovely golfing day even though the wind strengthened a little during the afternoon.

Best of the day scores and guaranteed prizes were Ben Mason 39 points, Fernando Halbert 38 points, Gerda Halbert 36 points, Maria Hoovers and John Williams 35 points.

Drinks and buffet were enjoyed at Los Sabores where following the surprise draw Jim Connolly joined John for 5th prize, Fernando and Rudolph Galliart 4th prize, Maria and Geraldine Ryan 3rd prize, Gerda and Rosemay Moody 2nd prize and 1st prize, Ben and Adrian Gracey.

Nearest pin prize was awarded to Bob Lowry.

Next week, first tee time is 13.12.

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