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Wednesday 27 March 2019

Well, hopefully that was the end of el "mes loco", the mad month. We were finally 21 brave players fighting the very strong winds, 12 m/sec and you will find the scores accordingly. Luckily it was quite warm, so we all survived.... The weather will be back to normal on Monday, but until then there will be storm and even rain....

Below please find the best results:


Mari-Anne P 30p, Maggis 27p, Cristina C 25p and Marianne L 21p

Money-back-guarantee: Uschi (again!)


Favild 33p, Jerry 30p, David and Olli 28p.

Money-back-guarantee: Lawrence

Drinks and tapas as usual in the club house.

Next week we will play in sunshine and no wind from 12.40 and you are all very welcome.

Marianne and Sune

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