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Monday 1 April 2019

Warm sunshine and a little wind greeted the 30 players, who responded with some good scores, 20 players returning 30 or more points.

Best scores were Anita Grönskog, Mari- Anne Pettersson, Mel Moody and Dan Grönskog 36 points (Dan in prizes on common course, back 9 rule), Lawrence Perkins 37 points, Thomas Bengtsson and Marianne Liljedahl 39 points, Paul Miles 40 points.

Following drinks and tapas in Los Sabores Richard Öberg received the prize for nearest pin.

Doug Kemp joined Thomas for 5th prize, Lawrence and Jonny MacEwan 4th, Rudolf Galliart and Marianne 3rd prize, Paul and Nina Taylor 2nd and Mari-Anne and Dan received 1st prize.

Next week first tee time is 12.48

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