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Saturday 22 June 2019

After a very long day on Friday, playing golf and partying at La Envia in the Top Banana Competition, 9 people turned up to play a scramble with only the best score to count. We set out in teams of 3 to play the Masters 3 twice. Every player had to use 4 drives and after that everyone played their own ball. The results were very close but the winning team was decided on lower combined handicap. After the game we retired to Los Arcos for drinks, tapas and the presentation.

The winning team with a score of 51 and a lower combined handicap of 49 were Alan Sh, Mike G, and Trini. Taking second place, again with a score of 51 but with a combined handicap of 68 were Pepe, Hans, and Alison. In third place was Paul M, Peter Wh and Brian with.

a score of 47.

Thanks to everyone who turned up to play in glorious weather.

Next week Vicky is the organiser.

See you later


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