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Saturday 28 September 2019

We played 'Strings' by popular request. Each player went out to play with 1.10 meters of string which could be used in place of a shot anywhere on the course except a water hazard. The only drawback, if you used any of your string that piece of string had to be cut off and discarded.

The winner for the day with a huge score of 43 was Richard, second place went to Wilhelm with 39 points. There were 2 people in third place with 35 points so the deciding factor was the length of unused string. Ingrid O, beating John Wil. There was also a draw for 5th and 6th place with a score of 33 points. Nina beat Lennart because Lennart had left his unused string in his golf bag!

Drinks and Tapas and the presentation took place at The Galley.

The next Los Amigos competition is on Saturday 19th October.

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