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Wednesday 23 October 2019

We had very different golf round yesterday with full storm to start with and after 11 holes a fantastic thunder and hail storm. All the ladies returned back to the club house directly and so did most men, but some of the men took shelter until the rain stopped and then continued their round. Below please find the results of the best players:

Ladies 9 holes

Geraldine 20p, Maggis 17p, Marianne and Trini 15p and Cristina C and Lisa 13p.

Money-back-guarantee: Dotty

Gentlemen 18 holes

Frank L. 35p, Paddy Mac 33p, Michael M 31p, Paul M, Steve and Olli 29p

Money-back-guarantee: Ivan

This round will not count as a hcp-round.

Next week we will not have Wednesday Golf, since so many have decided to go to Motril (and so will we...).

Next Wednesday Golf will be Nov 6. The list will be up later in the club house and you are all very welcome!!

Marianne and Sune

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