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Monday 28 October 2019

A cloudy but later sunny day and no wind or rain, made for lovely golfing conditions. However, scores were not reflected accordingly, with only 25% of players scoring 30 or more points.

Best scores and guaranteed prizes were Trini Fernández, David Holden and Marion van Dongen Torman 37points, Hans Ooft 36 points, Robbie MacMillan 35 points and Lilian Jönegård 34 points.

Following the surprise draw in Stumble Inn, Lilian and John Flynn were awarded first prize, second,Robbie and Hilton Collins, third,Trini and Mari-Anne Petterson, fourth Hans and Paul Miles, fifth David and Judy McQuillen and sixth Marion and Sissi Joos.

Nearest pin prizes were awarded to Rosemary Moody and David Holden.

Next week the first tee time is 12.40.

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