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Wednesday 6 November 2019

We were 39 players on this beautiful sunny day with no wind at all at last. We were many players and we all played from the same tee but we managed to play very quickly, so we could enjoy the drinks and tapas afterwards in the club house.

Below please find the best results:


Louise 38p, Mari-Anne P and Dotty 36p, Ingrid, Michelle, Agneta and Lilian 32p.

Money back guarantee: Isabel

I also had a chance to invite all ladies to cava to celebrate my birthday🍷🍷


Sune 37p, John Will, Anders Lu and Herman udv 33p, Richard, John Fl and Steve 32p.

Money-back-guarantee: Pepe D

Next week we play from two tees again as usual and the first tee time is 12.40. The list is up in the club house and you are all very welcome!

Marianne and Sune

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