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Wednesday 19 February 2020

Another windy day in Almerimar. We were almost surprised that you all came and battled in the 11 m/sec wind. The results are accordingly and we all play 18 holes. Below please find the best results:


Uli 34p, Agneta 32p, Cristina 30p and Louise 29p

Uli had two birdies: Hole 3 White and hole 3 Red

Money-back-guarantee: Marianne


Kjell 35p, Rasmus 34p, John Will 33p and Sune 32p

Money-back-guarantee: Frank (hotel guest)

The list is up for next week. We will play the White & Red and Blue & White courses and start from 12.40 as usual. We have checked the weather forecast and there will be sunshine and 2 m/second wind and you are all very welcome.

Marianne and Sune

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