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Friday 13 November 2020

This was the first format where Guest Organisers were asked to contribute to the successful running of Los Amigos Golf, this task fell to both Donal & Derek who both volunteered to organise this Friday 13th November Event. Prize-giving, tapas & drinks were enjoyed in Mario's Bar.

The weather was exceptionally warm and the teams benefitted from a double start at both 1st & 10th Tees.

24 Players took part in the "Texas Shambles", the numbers were maybe lower than normal but due to the course being closed over the weekend for Federation Golf on both Saturday & Sunday.

Only 5 points separated all 6 Team's final scores with the worthy outright winners being Sune, Marianne, Sylvia & Bill E with 77 points who enjoyed first choice from a selection of 24 various bottles of wines of which every player was able to take away a prize.

Derek and Donal


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