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Friday 16 September 2022

24 players started the day early with dew on the ground, but the sun soon arrived and the day became really warm. We played The Masters Course for the last time this summer in teams of 4 with the best 2 scores to count. For many of our players returning for the winter season the grass off the fairway was difficult to play out of. Lots of shots short of the green. Hopefully we can all get to grips with the course in time for the Golfersia Classic in 2 weeks.

There were two teams with 79 points and on count back the winners were the team of Des, Maria Gy, Rosemary and Barry J , 2nd were the team of Donal, Ben, Hans and Nina, 3rd with 77 points were Thomas Ben, Hermand vdV, Jim Co and Di.

Thank you to everyone who turned and played, thanks to Steve, although not playing, who turned up to help me with collecting entry fees and thanks to Donal for collecting the cards after play so I could shower in time for Robbie’s surprise 50th birthday party.

Next week Steve is the organiser


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