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Monday 11 October 2021

A very windy and sunny day on the Blue & White courses and White & Red courses saw unsurprisingly only 7 players with 30 points on more.

Best of the day was Donal 39 points, Hans 36 points, Larry and Nina 35 points (Larry having the better back nine) and Lennart 32 points again narrowly beating Steve who also had 32 points on the back nine.

After the surprise draw the results were all change: 1 st was Larry and he was drawn with Thomas, 2nd was Lennart he was drawn with Jonny Mac, 3rd was Hans as was drawn with Baz, 4th Donal being dragged down by Rosemary and finally Nina who was drawn with Robbie.

There were two nearest the pins this week as we were on both courses. The winner on the Blue Course was Ivan with a shot of 4m 02cm and on the Red Course it was Marion with a shot of 6m 99cm.

Drinks and tapas were enjoyed at The Stumble Inn.

Next week our first tee time on the White & Red courses and the Blue & White courses is 12.40


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