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Monday 12 April 2021

It was a VERY windy day so the format turned out slightly different from normal. Quite a few people decided nine holes were enough while other brave souls completed 18.

Prizes were given for the best two scores on each nine for those who chose to abandon it after 9 holes, & two prizes for those that completed 18

There was no surprise draw.

The prizes were as follows

Holes 1-9. 1st Marianne 15 points

2nd Marion on countback 12 points

Holes 10-18 1st on countback Hans 14 points

2nd Sylvia 14 points

18 holes. 1st Paul 30 points

2nd Donal 29 points

Let’s hope for better weather next week!

Next week the first tee time is 11.00.


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