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Monday 13 November 2023

A bright sunny day saw 10 players on the White & Red courses and 8 players on the Red & Blue courses with 30 points or more.

Best of the day and in the prizes on the White & Red were:

Herman Li 40 points, Vicky and Des 38 points, Thomas Ben 37 points, Roisin 33 points, Uli 32 points and John And, with a better back 9, 31 points.

On the Red & Blue courses were:

Donal 38 points, Marit 35 points, Svante 34 points, Dan 33 points, Margaret 32 points John And 31 points and with a better back 9 Wayne 30 points.

Nearest the pin on the Red course was Vicky with a shot of 3.14m and in the Blue course was Richard with a shot of 4.44m.


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