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Monday 18 January 2021

With bright sunshine but with a cold edge to air saw 9 players out of 25 achieved 30 points or more.

The best of them was Bob with 42 points, followed by Thomas R with 38 points, 3rd was Paul Mi with 35 points and 4 was Pepe D with 34 points.

After the surprise draw Thomas R was joined by Thomas Ben to claim 1st place, 2nd was Bob who was joined by Hans, 3rd was Pepe D who was joined by Maria Gy and 4th was Paul Mi who was joined by Yvonne vDV.

A money back guarantee was won by Richard.

In my absence again!! I would like to thank Sylvia for doing the cards and checking in and I would like also to thank Steve and Lennart for doing the presentations.

Next week the first tee time is 11.00.


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