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Monday 18 October 2021

A beautiful sunny day with a light windy saw 18 players with 30 points or more and you had to have scored 37 points or more to be in the prizes!

Best of the day was Michelle with 43 points followed by Steve with 40 and then both Dan and Olli with 39 points and finally Donal with 37 points.

The suprise draw did upset the order with Donal being promoted to first as he was drawn with John And, 2nd was Olli who was drawn with Marianne, 3rd was Steve he was drawn with Larry, 4th was Dan who was drawn with Baz and 5th was Michelle as she was drawn with Lilian.

Nearest the pins were won by Dan with a distance to 4m on the White & Red courses and Steve with a distance of 3.77 on the Blue & White courses.

Next week our first tee time is 13.20.


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